Friday, July 8, 2016

Wisdom is Better than Strength

Verse of the month

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free…”
Galatians 5:1 

July 8-14, 2016 

Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 9:16-18

  Wisdom is Better than Strength 

“(vs. 16) Then I said: Wisdom is better than strength, nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despised.  (vs. 18) Wisdom is better than weapons of war;
but one sinner destroys much good.” 

In a battle, guns jam, missiles miss their targets and tanks overheat.  A virtually indestructible military can be brought to its knees when their sophisticated weapons fail.  Their strength is easily taken from them.  

The Word of God tells us that wisdom is better than weapons and physical strength. 

Wisdom can prevent wars and win wars.  Wisdom through the Word will cause you to stand even during great adversity. 

Pray each day for wisdom for our President and leaders.  Wisdom will truly make America strong.  (J/CW) 

July 8th – 14th Daily Bible Reading 

8.   Amos 1-2; John 5-6 

*Also be sure to read a Proverb a day. 

Daily Readings are designed to read through the entire Bible in one year. 

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