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Rainbow Study Bible, Brown Bonded Leather KJV
 The Rainbow Study Bible includes: 12 pages of color maps with an index, Bible reading calendar, Concordance, subject guide, "Where to Find It", outline of Old Testament history, Table of Weights and Measures, popular passages, quote, color coded, blank pages for notes, ribbon marker, gold page edges, presentation page, 10-point text size, 9.50" x 6.50" x 1.50. Other versions available.

Comes in hardback, softback. Assortment of colors and sizes. 
Select from over 120 types of electronic Bibles including digital players.  Translators, Kindle Fire and gifts for clergy.
Hardcover, Enlarged print KJV edition

Comprehensive study Bible with explanations of Hebrew words, charts, lists of proper names, timelines, calendars, cross references.

Other features: Names of God, figures of speech, pronunciation, significance of numbers spiritually, weights/measures, unity of the four gospels, Heaven, ministry of Christ. Size 11.25 X 8.75 X 2.0 (inches). Text size:10
Read about E.W. Bullinger the author of The Companion Bible

The Geneva Bible 1599 Edition, Bonded Leather Black

The Bible of the Pilgrims and the Reformation with minimal changes of spelling and pronunciation, and containing all its original margin notes.
Researched, compiled, and translated into English by exiled Reformers in Geneva, Switzerland, between 1557 and 1560, the Geneva Bible surely was carried aboard their three ships that sailed from England in December of 1606. The New England Pilgrims likewise relied on the Geneva Bible for comfort and strength on their 66-day voyage aboard the Mayflower in 1620, and were even more dependent upon it as they wrote the Mayflower Compact, a document unique in world history and the first constitutional government in the western hemisphere.
Features: Word-for-word accuracy of the 1599 Geneva translation, Middle English Glossary, original cross references and study notes by the Reformers.
Includes introductory articles by Gary DeMar and Dr. Marshall Foster on the history of the 1599 Geneva Bible. Ribbon marker, 9.50" x 6.50" x 1.50", CD-ROM containing searchable PDF of The Geneva Bible, The Apocrypha, Metrical Psalms. Comes in hardcover, black bonded leather and MP3 CD.


Take this sportsman Bible anywhere without worrying about getting it wet.
Features: floats, synthetic pages, stain resistant, ultra clear text, dry highlight, write, and underline with no bleed-thru.

Fits easily in backpack or tote, 7-point text size, 8.75" x 6.00" x 1.50".

Look for a complete selection of outdoor Bibles from this site.


KJV Hardcover

Family Bibles are a long standing tradition.  The Thomas Kinkade Large Family Bible is the perfect gift for any occasion, especially weddings.

Features: Padded hardcover with gilded edges, 6 page, four-color presentation, family record section, gold foil stamping, 64 pages of full-color Kinkade art, Words of Christ in red 9-point text, three-column format, back of book pages provide record sections for Prayer Requests, Praise Reports, Favorite Verses, Favorite Hymns & Christian Songs, and Spiritual Influences. Size: 8.5" x 11.5" x 2”.

NKJV Gaither Homecoming Bible, Hardcover

NKJV Gaither Homecoming Bible, HardcoverSUPER SALE  for a limited time: $7.00

The Bill and Gloria Gaither Homecoming Bible comes with short inspirational writings from sixty individuals who have appeared on the Homecoming special television programs over the years.

These contributors share stories, poetry, lyrics and more about their walk with the Lord.  It has a presentation page, ribbon marker, is set in 10-point text size and measures  9.50" x 6.75" x 1.75".

Also comes in leather and imitation leather.  See prices here.

See the overview of the Gaither Homecoming Bible

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NLT Holy Bible, Giant Print TuTone Brown and Tan Imitation Leather
Publisher: Tyndate House
Features: Easy to read giant print, 14 point size font, double column, words of Jesus in red, 16 full-color maps, divider ribbon marker, gilded page edges, presentation page, leatherlike two toned brown/tan cover.

Green Simulated Leather
Select Bibles for each branch of the service.
Slimline leather binding with the Words of Jesus in red.
Features: A section of patriotic and military spiritual articles, 
prayers for soldiers and their families, patriotic hymns, spiritual and in-field guidance. 

Specific pages: Presentation page, Where to Turn scriptures
The Soldier's Prayer, Cadet's Prayer, The Prayer of the Military Wife, Special Forces Prayer.

Gold page edges, ribbon marker, size 7-point text size and 6.00" x 4.72" x 1.25".

A gift that will last a lifetime recording that special day.

Features: White with silver page edges, presentation page, Marriage Certificate record page, comes gift boxed, Words of Christ in red, study notes page, weights and measures, subject index, specific well know passages, parables, miracles of Jesus, prophecies, ribbon, embossed cover.
Imitation leather with 7 point text.

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