Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Prayer

Verse of the Month

“I can do all things through Christ, because He gives me strength!”
  Philippians 4:13 
November 22-30th, 2015 

Scripture Reading: Psalm 95:1-7

Thanksgiving Prayer

Heavenly Father, we dedicate this Faith Moments today as a time of prayer and thanksgiving to You.  We thank You for sending Jesus to pay the price for our sins, and that by His shed blood we can be presented spotless before You.
Lord we thank You for the abundance of all good things that You have given us to enjoy.  We praise You for our families and our freedom.  We thank You for our health and healing and for the joy of the Lord which is our strength.
Help us to realize that every day is a day of thanksgiving.  Every day is an opportunity to offer up praises to our Heavenly Father.
Lord thank You for this day and for Your grace and mercies that are new every morning.  We give You praise and thanksgiving in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

November 22nd – 30th Daily Bible Reading

22. Ezekiel 9; Psalm 119: 145-152

23. Ezekiel 10; Psalm 119: 153-160

24. Ezekiel 11; Psalm 119: 161-168

25. Ezekiel 12; Psalm 119: 169-176

26. Ezekiel 13; Psalm 120

27. Ezekiel 14; Psalm 121

28. Ezekiel 15; Psalm 122

29. Ezekiel 16; Psalm 123

30. Ezekiel 17; Psalm 124 

*Also be sure to read a Proverb a day.

Daily Readings are designed to read through the entire Bible in one year.

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Scripture from the KJV or NKJV of the Bible. Scripture from: Bible Gateway 

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